Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Jammu & Kashmir

Citizen’s Charter

1. Your Rights

You are entitled to be an Elector in Jammu & Kashmir if you are

a. Citizen of India.
b. Ordinary resident In Jammu & Kashmir,
c. 18 years or above on the qualifying date, (generally 1st Jan.each year) and
d. Not otherwise disqualified in this connection.

2. Inclusion, Deletion and Modification of Name in the Electoral Rolls

Any person, whose name is not included in the Electoral Roll of the Assembly Constituency under which his/her residence falls but satisfies the above mentioned criteria, may apply to the Electoral Registration Officer of the concerned Assembly Constituency for the inclusion of his/her name in
Form-6 ( in duplicate).

Following other forms will also be available with the ERO for various election related activities:-

Form 7: Application for deletion of entry in Electoral Roll/Objection to inclusion of name in the Electoral Roll.
Form 8 : Application for correction of particulars in the Electoral Roll.
Form 8A: Application for transposition of entry in the Electoral Roll.

Caution : It may be noted that any person who furnishes false information can be prosecuted under the provisions of the Representation of the People Act, 1950, which prescribes imprisonment upto one year and/or fine for such offences.

3. Time Bound Disposal of Applications

The ERO concerned would complete his action after necessary verification on all the above mentioned cases in 21 days (maximum period), excluding the date of application and date of publication of the list.

4. Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC):

After your name is registered in the Electoral Roll of the concerned Assembly Constituency, you will be eligible for issue of Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC). For the first time; provided other formalities are complete. For issue of photo-identity card, in case of loss, modification etc. it will be issued only after due verification, of 8th day of the date of submission of application by the elector positively. Electors who have furnished their valid mobile number during registration can also download e-EPIC from www.nvsp.in.

5. Issue of Certified Copies of Entry in the Electoral Roll & Permission for Inspection of Entries in Electoral Roll

A certificate of an entry of the name of person/persons in the current Electoral Roll will be issued on the same day, whereas for the entry in the roll of previous years, at the most, on the 4th day to applicant electors on payment of fee in the form of Court Fee Stamp.

Inspection of a particular entry/entries in the Electoral Roll for a specific year will be permitted by Electoral Registration Officer by making the payment in the form of Court fee stamp by the applicant.